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How To Grip The Golf Club -Best Golf Tips
- 16, Thursday, May, 16, 2019

Why is the grip so important? The answer is, the grip controls the face, and it controls the direction the ball is going... +

Ten Best Exercises For Golfers
- 24, Wednesday, April, 24, 2019

When you start playing Golf for the very first time, you might experience pain in your shoulders. In starting, you may have a few bad games, and... +

Over Coming First Tee Nerves
Steve Treisman - 08, Saturday, July, 08, 2017

We’ve all had them. Those nerves on the first tee. That feeling of just wanting to have your shot and get away from the club house. Standing... +

Tip for a Proper Sound Ball Strike
Steve Treisman - 14, Wednesday, June, 14, 2017

Brian Jacobs Tips for a Proper Sound Ball Strike

Golf Channel Academy coach Brian Jacob's teaches how to listen to your ball strike.... +

Keep Positive on the golf course
Steve Treisman - 18, Thursday, May, 18, 2017

So often I hear golfers chastising themselves and putting themselves down on the golf course with phrases like, “I knew I was going to miss that” or... +

Golf Travel
Steve Treisman - 30, Sunday, April, 30, 2017

Always remember to pack a pair of white ankle socks.

What to wear - Golf shoes and collared shirts are required at all times. Shorts are acceptable... +