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How To Grip The Golf Club -Best Golf Tips

- Thursday, May, 16, 2019
How To  Grip The Golf Club -Best Golf Tips

Why is the grip so important? The answer is, the grip controls the face, and it controls the direction the ball is going to travel. When you work on a good grip, it makes you more consistent and will create more speed and power through the ball. There are so many non-professional golfers out there who grip the club too strong in their left hand, that leads to shutting the face when they get into the ball. As they only grip it in the palm and when they get to the bow in their forearms match the face is way open, so the consistency goes out.

The main point of consideration here is that,  how can we control the grip, and can get the face onto the ball square, while you grip the club in your left hand. Here are the simple steps that you could follow to control the grip while the club is in your left hand.First, pull the club, and take your left hand to grip the club from on top instead of underneath. Make sure that the grip of the club must be from the side and on top.

By doing this, you can see two knuckles on your left hand. The thumb of the left hand is slightly towards the right of the grip. After having this arrangement, now take your club away, the club face squished at the top of the swing as it can’t sit and rotate. Now face your square. Now shallow the club naturally, and it will come back to the impact each time the same. For the right hand, First, match your right hand to the face Now slide it down, and then grip it in there that it feels more underneath.

The position is such as that the V of your left-hand which points at your right eye must match the V of your right hand that they point at the right ear. Both V-shaped positions now will come into the ball constantly By following this criterion, you can make solid contact with the ball every time. The only thing that is needed, in having a controlled and focused grip, is to make sure that you have to practice what has been discussed above, and as a result, you’re going to see a significant difference in your game.